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The Premier International Exhibition for the Food, Drink and Hospitality Industry in Kenya

The Trends That Will Shape Beverages in 2020 image

The Trends That Will Shape Beverages in 2020

POSTED: 17th Apr

New FDA regulations for Nutrition Facts in effect this 2020, the American market will be seeing fewer drinks with high sugar content on the market. This has a number of health benefits for Americans, such as reducing the prevalence of obesity and associated physical conditions. In fact, Maryville University predicts an impending shortage of primary care physicians, which is anticipated to reach a minimum of 100,000 by 2025, making the need for preventative measures even more vital. In line with this, the majority of the upcoming beverage trends this year are geared towards maintaining one’s health:

1. Nutritional benefits

The wellness movement continues to remain trendy, with the majority of brands going back to basics in terms of health. Imbibe predicts how an emphasis on physical and emotional health means that brands will integrate essential nutrients into drinks, such as vitamins and minerals. In addition, Fizziology writes how Gen Z and millennials appreciate “cool” branding with a lower sugar content. Instead, superfruits, vegetables, and herbal-infused drinks will be all the rage.

Alcohol consumption is also on the way down, as members of the public are growing more aware of the dangers of alcoholism. As a result, more low-alcohol and zero-proof drinks are in the process of being developed. When it comes to your brand, ensuring that you gear your marketing towards these trends is key. Minimal designs with a focus on cleanliness and purity, as well as a written emphasis on the health benefits of certain ingredients, will go a long way towards projecting an image of wholesomeness.

2. Exotic flavors

In line with the reduction of overly sweetened drinks, brands are focusing on more high-quality offerings with unique ingredients. Botanical extracts will create novel flavor combinations, such as extracts from basil, cilantro, lavender, elderflower, and orange peel. In addition, bolder flavors from Latin America like guava, chili pepper, and cayenne are becoming more rampant.

This coming year, it’s a toss-up between subtle and sophisticated flavors and ones that are more power-packed in terms of flavor. If you choose to integrate exotic ingredients into your drinks, ensure that your packaging and marketing strategy reflects this. Go with bolder, brighter colors, and vibrant graphics that really pack a punch. Uniquely shaped bottles and cans can also attract more attention, as will ones that are made of eco-friendly ingredients. Also, it is important to avoid using single-use plastics.

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